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Monday, September 10, 2018

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October 27-28, 2018

GREAT NEWS!  We have been granted access to an amazing property in Los Angeles for a two-day Tech Summit & Expo in October!  We had originally planned to make this a local event, however, we decided why not open it to the entire community? 

The space is absolutely stunning!  It is a gated property in a quiet area away from traffic with pool, waterfalls, jacuzzi, outdoor kitchen and  plenty of parking.  (see pictures above.)

There is a huge shopping center with Walmart, restaurants, stores, etc. about 1/2 mile from the residence. 

The location is close off the Ronald Regan 118 Freeway, near the 405, 5, and the 101 freeways. 

We have an interesting agenda for the weekend which includes workshops and hands-on demonstrations designed to educate and inspire community members to equip themselves for their targeting experiences.  

We'll be adding a website with more information soon. However, we would like to gauge interest in this project. 

Those interested in attending, please RSVP to - - so we can get an idea of how many to prepare for.  Here are the event details: 

Dates: October 27-28, 2018

Location:  Los Angeles, CA

Time:  9:00 AM; Saturday & Sunday

For more information, contact us at:  

Message:  1-888-639-5559




It may be time that we as a community consider visiting this important summit on March 19, 2019.

The Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy, sponsored by a cross-regional coalition of 25 human rights organizations, is proud to announce that on March 19th, 2019, we will hold our 11th annual conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

Courageous dissidents and champions of human rights from around the globe—victims of the world’s worst regimes—will come to share their story.

The Geneva Summit will be held during the U.N. Human Rights Council session and will turn a vital spotlight on the most urgent human rights situations which require the attention of the United Nations.

Victims will share their harrowing experiences of human rights violations by such regimes as North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Turkey and Russia.

Testimonies of the human rights heroes at the Geneva Summit—reported by CNN, Reuters, Le Monde, and many more—are inspiring and unforgettable. Please join us in honoring their courage!

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September Activities Calendar

Monday, September 10 / 5:00 PM
1126 E. Fremont St. and Maryland Pkwy.  
See you all there.  Lots to discuss
Contact:  Tim Cassella - 725-221-7271

Sunday, September 16
A Day at the Beach 
For details, contact:  
Contact: Lori – 404-207-2669

Saturday, September 22, 2018 / 2:00 PM
The Orient Express
2963 4th Ave. South
Seattle, WA 98134
Contact: Curtis Kimble: 817-901-8720

Those interested in participating, please contact: 
Ray Richardson:  214-578-4884

Chuck- 954-544-8885







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Time:  10 PM Eastern/ 9 PM Central/ 8 PM Mountain/ 7 PM Pacific
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Access Code:  248671

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**Congratulations*** to the following TI's who have recent or upcoming birthdays! Do you have a birthday in September? Send us an email to be featured on the birthday list at:

Rosanna Mahon - September 2
Anthony Wilkerson - September 5
Slawek Wiktor - September 6
Ahmad Fani - September 6
Betty Talibah Tillman - September 8
Abraham Villela - September 8
Tim White - September 11
George Kwong - September 12
Bunny Edwards - September 13
Winston Smith - September 13
Doris Hicks - September 14
Michael Winner - September 16
Elisabeth Smithie - September 17

Robert M. Bowman - September 19
Mae Spotted Bear - September 20
Skip Gilbertson - September 21
Timothy Martin Flanagan - September 21
Marx Toure Griffin - September 21
Pragnesh Tailor - September 22
Collin Ott - September 22
Brian Marks - September 23
Zena Crenshaw - September 25
David Watt - September 26
Krissi Stull - September 28
Lorraine Thompson - September 28
David Fulton - September 29

Featured Video

Ramola D interviews "Seven"

Seven launches:  #NOMOREABUSE, #NOMOREEVIL Campaign

Community Forum

SNOEOAWC (Stop Non-Consensual Experiments on All World Citizens)

Note: HUMAN PESTICIDE EXPERIMENTS REPORT reuploaded to Public by SC, Photojournalist in URGENT NEED OF LEGITIMATE GOV'T intervention.

INVISIBLE STALKER - new book by David Huber

Dear Friends,

My story tells of my experiences being targeted, what I have found out about the real technology, my targeted individual indoctrination to become a civilian weapon to kill President Barack Obama, and my subsequent interaction with the Military and the U.S. Secret Service and the White House.

Invisible stalker reveals a conspiracy of how a targeted individual named David Huber was assaulted by a technology and had the crime of sedition worked upon him. Technology was used against David Huber in an effort to convince him to KILL the first BLACK PRESIDENT of the United States: Barack Obama. It tells his story and his struggle. A struggle to make the US Military, The FBI, The US Secret Service and the White House aware of what happened to him. 

Invisible Stalker details David Huber’s life and death fight to resist the military technology and protect the President of the United States. It demonstrates how he worked with the Secret Service, gained their trust, and became an informant. 

I am a computer scientist / psychologist turned author since my targeting became too great to work in technical positions I once held. My new book INVISIBLE STALKER is written to appeal to both targeted individuals and non targeted alike.

The advantage of this books is that it allows for targeted individuals to read another's extreme story and it has references and best practices for survival. The real advantage of this book is that it is being sold as science fiction and conspiracy.  This will appeal more to the non-targeted causal readers who are interested in conspiracy theory science fiction stories. Once the book has you hooked on the narrative (especially the eBook) the supporting links to YouTube exposing the technology as real, will have the causal non-targeted reader question if this is real thereby raising awareness of the targetedindividual phenomena.

My paper back is well written, and has reference words for reader consideration and study.  My eBook is more comprehensive as  actual information that support my narrative. 

This being said I would like you to take a peek. Please inform me on the best way to do this. You can be forwarded to the Amazon page for the two versions of my book at  Once at the site you can preview the eBook and sample the paperback online for free. 

Best Regards,
Dave Huber
Arcadia, California USA


Last p.m., I found a focal point for at least my future energy direction. I found myself  "composing" a letter to  Elon Musk, and members of the Singularity University, some of the world's most Innovative, successful and forward thinking people. In it, I outlined our primary need: a firewall for the Human Mind to protect us, and future generations from the horrors of non-consensual Brain Hacks, and misuse as lab rats by the technologies of which some are aware. 

I particularly reference Neural Link technologies and respectfully request they include firewallsIn their future Symbiotic prototypes.  The Criteria for a project/investment to be sanctioned as worthy of effort is that it must help a billion people.  I'm asking for help for over 7 billion at risk of losing their minds; freedom of thought, and individuality being subjected to misuse of mind-invasive technologies.  
That Hell is now taking root not only in America  but Internationally.  We are looking at a Point of No Return, as Consensual enhanced human beings futures include inhabiting the Universe. But we are being brain-napped into Involuntary Servitude.  Anyone doubting that should take in Dr. Robert Duncan's deciphering of the Matrix on YouTube.

Our common enhanced futures must include individual freedom and privacy of thought If we are to survive as a Human Species -- not in a No choice Hive Mind mentality, minus 'off" or "pause" buttons.  Free Will and Choice must be present in any future technology offering Symbiotic Relationship with A.I.

That such an undertaking, coming up with a Firewall for the brain, would be profitable for future Investors, is beyond question.  They will have produced a product of immeasurable value every human being will need in order to be happy and function as a viable member of any future Society on this planet or elsewhere.  7+ billion customers are already on the Waiting List for distribution and purchase of the product. 

Some don't know they will need the product yet.  Others, like ourselves, more than realize how necessary for the Future Survival of the Human Race, a "Firewall" will be.
Anyone Investing personnel, existent technologies and Funding will have an unlimited market and kudos from present and future generations in saving present and future Humanity from a Beyond  Big BrotherSociety of cloned Zombies under A.I. Control.

And somebody please tell Elon that "Yes, somebody listened, hundreds of thousands of us did",  (in reply to his words: "Nobody Listened" in a warning about A.I. in an Interview with Joe Rogan, early September, 2018). (several clips available on YouTube)
Now we ask that he and other like-minded Activist Investor Intellectuals hear us:  "Help us build a firewall for human minds" because the Human Race will need them on Earth and out There...

Can you hear us?  Will you help?  Is Freedom and Privacy of thought worth your Time to check out why the need will be so great?
If so, please begin the process of Feasibility.  We don't need reply or acknowledgement in public format.  We need the Actions of the informed and Capable to begin the Quest to preserve the most important part of Humanity:  Our Freedom of Thought and choices made within.

Will you help us, yourselves, and future Generations in ensuring Human Basic Freedoms are protected and preserved during our to-be-augmented futures?
(Preferably before the Singularity occurs).

Joanne Carey

PACTS, International

PO Box 1925

Twentynine Palms, CA 92277

Contact #  1-888-639-5559